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tbh most of what i got out of tfios was that gus built up this huge persona of corny bravado to try to romanticize his own life as a desperate attempt to deal with the temporary nature of existence but cancer don’t give a shit if you sound like a teenage dirtbag that shit’ll come back to get you death doesn’t give a single solitary fuck

crossover where death from book thief rolls his eyes every time gus waters pulls a particularly pretentious line out of his ass thank

But, isn’t that sort of the point? Like, I’ve seen so much criticism about Gus going around lately and I just think it’s weird. 

Like, Augustus is TRYING to be brave in the face of his illness by dramatizing and romanticizing his life and ACTING in grand pretentious gestures as a coping mechanism. 

But through the book, we see that bravado slip away, and we see the REAL Gus. And through Hazel, we see was REAL strength and bravery is- not Augustus’s metaphors and eloquent meaningless ramblings about the infinite- but in the patience and love and small acts. 

Yeah, Gus is a pretentious 16 year old douche. But he’s also dying of cancer, and his idea of bravery is systematically deconstructed through the novel?

Tfios is in no way a PERFECT book, but I’m not sure where all this “the book sucks because Gus is pretentious” criticism is coming from. It’s like people only read the first 50 pages and then put the book down?

THANK YOU for writing this seriously

i’ve seen so much hate for TFIOS on my dash lately and i’m like “i think y’all missed the point of Augustus’ character by a mile and a half but i’m too busy working on my thesis/other stuff to explain how”

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twitter is for lovers

i don’t know what this means

this is completely divorced from my understanding of twitter as a platform comprised of complaining, news that is up-to-date but potentially unreliable, sarcasm/pithiness, light humor, selfies, general pontification, and other miscellany

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IMPORTANT : I just wanna point out that its STEVE who gets the flirting started between him and Sam at the beginning of the movie.  Sam is just moseying around the mall, going for his run, and this hot guy continually blazes past him had just has to rub it in that he’s totally outrunning him.  And then it’s Steve who stops to chat, makes a teasing little comments, offers friendly competition, and then THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE.  “Oh, that’s how it is?”  Steve, you tryin’ to fuck.  We see right through you.

As the movie progresses, it’s always Steve that seeks Sam out.  He goes to the VA to visit him (just to visit, apropos of nothing), shows up at his fucking apartment when how does Steve know where Sam lives? 

Upon my initial viewing of Cap 2 I really saw it as Sam fawning over Steve, but when I think about it, they’re definitely in mutual like but it’s really Steve that’s got a crush on Sam.  Wants him in his life.  I think the fandom has caught on to this as well because the influx of fic I’ve been reading features a lot of Steve being the aggressor towards Sam, and I like that.  I love it.  I want some more of it.

I am so ridiculously happy that there’s lots of people shipping this ship. 3 movies of Tony/Rhodey potential and HARDLY ANY FANFICS AT ALL. But Winter Soldier’s barely been out 2 weeks and the Steve/Sam fic is all over the place and I’m really happy. : DDDDDD

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Momo shows up to twitter five minutes late with starbucks

i’d say it’s more like five yearslate but with quality catering 

to be fair the tardiness is largely because i objected to the way twitter is used within industry to package and commodify identity

(are my morals are crumbling in the face of entering the job market? maybe)




An asexual and pansexual become room-mates and have wacky adventures

The show is called ‘All or Nothing’

Plot twist: the asexual is really super outgoing and is a huge flirt while the pansexual is extremely socially awkward and has trouble ordering coffee let alone getting a date.


my hand slipped

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❝ The minute I started reading the [Sherlock] script, I thought, ‘Yeah, this is going to be a lot of fun.’

And then, I met with [Gatiss and Moffat] and it was only after we talked about what it would be developed into, and the relationship of Watson and Holmes and where’d they go, that I thought, ‘Yeah, this could be terrific fun. I’m going to go for it.’ ❞


Benedict Cumberbatch 

(Collider interview, October 2012 [x])




hi human

you are friend

i like you smile

smile human smile i love you

Swiggity swag the friendship stag

Is that buck marking him with his scent glands omg

should i come up with a new twitter handle as part of (belated) better self-branding? the existential questions of a millenial


if this scene isn’t in The Winter Soldier I will protest




I smiled so hard my face hurts.


At TEDxYouth@Manchester, genetics researcher Dan Davis introduces the audience to compatibility genes — key players in our immune system’s functioning, and the reason why it’s so difficult to transplant organs from person to person: one’s compatibility genes must match another’s for a transplant to take.

To learn more about these fascinating genes, watch the whole talk here»

(Images from Davis’s talk, Drew Berry’s animations, and the TED-Ed lessons A needle in countless haystacks: Finding habitable worlds - Ariel Anbar and How we conquered the deadly smallpox virus - Simona Zompi)

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So can we talk about the absolutely stunning duplicity going on here?

holy shit

ok, why the fuck is the graph upside down. that is incredibly misleading

Because its from the Florida Department of Justice, and they have a mandate here.

for those who have trouble inverting it in their head, ftfy:


this is some of the most blatant twisting of info i have ever seen holy shit



On average, you have a 1 in 18,989 chance of being murdered

A trans person has a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered

The average life span of a cis person is about 75-90 

The average life expectancy of a trans person is 23-30 years old

75% of people killed in anti LGBT hate crimes are poc

Think about this the next time you go crying over “cisphobia” and “reverse racism”


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Vegetables, guys? That was the best you came up with?

I know, right? But like, work environment, so they couldn’t exactly do… I dunno, dildos or something (and if they did I probably would’ve been like “oh my god my blog is full of dildos and i can in no way be considered responsible this is kind of great”)

then there’s the standard hot guy spamming, but that’s just like, business as usual. so like, they tried to be subversive. #VegetableBlogRevolution

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